I feel blessed to learn Yoga here – Radhika Bali, USA

Hari Om,

I feel blessed to learn Yoga here. I am thankful that an authentic Yoga center with experienced
teachers exists. My experience, though short for now, has been enriching, like a river meeting
the sea.

One can feel the aura of peace, warmth, humbleness, and respect upon joining the Dhrti Yoga
family. Dhrti Yoga has kept the essence of Yoga intact in modern times, where Yoga is
commercialized like never before. The class environment, both online and offline, exuberates
with spirituality.
The classes provide you an opportunity to experience total well-being via Yoga under the
tutelage of Satya Mataji & Mohan Prabhuji (All females are addressed as Mataji, and males as
Parbhuji). A sense of responsibility and discipline is cultivated towards one’s own Yoga
Abhayasa. Different elements of Patanjali Yoga are beautifully blended in the 1-hour session.
The class is welcoming to everyone.

Five yrs ago, I chanced upon the in-center classes during my short stay in Bangalore. Ever
since I was eager to re-join Dhrti Yoga someday. Now out of Bangalore, I finally joined the
online classes during lockdown times. The online classes are of the highest quality and very
reasonably priced. Just like the in-center classes. All that is expected from the student is
discipline and attentiveness to avail the opportunity to grow.
The classes start 5 minutes before time with a quiet meditation, for our mind to prepare for the
Yoga practice. Shlokas and wisdom are integrated with Asanas and Pranayama. Nothing is
taught in a rushed manner, yet the pace challenges me enough. Safety is given a priority.
I have learned Surya Namaskar from various sources before and didn’t enjoy practicing it.
Here, I experienced the joy of it! Yoga is taught orderly. At the end of the session, I feel
rejuvenated, strong, and knowledgeable. The class unquestionably completes my day.
Words fail to describe my heartfelt emotions for Mataji & Prabhuji. With their sincerest intention
and rich expertise, they are always at the selfless service of their students. They are committed
to making our lives fulfilling. I wish to serve them someday in my capacity. May they always
radiate the inner glow, and touch many more lives.
I wish all my fellow Abhyasis and those who wish to join the best!

– Radhika,
Hari Om Tat Sat.

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