Month: August 2011

Girivalam at Thiruvannamalai

A one day trip to Thiruvannamalai on August 12, 2011 Friday was spiritually enriching and memorable one. Satya, Anil, and I caught a bus straight to Thiruvannamalai on Friday at 5.30 p.m. and got down there at 11 p.m. (5 and ½ hours covering 210 kms). Upon checking into accommodation at (Ramana Towers), we started […]


Namaste, After initiation to asanas and breathing practices, one can move ahead with pranayamas and then meditation. As there is stability in body and mind, it prepares you for the same. Pranayama requires deep involvement and sincerity and asanas help you to achieve this. Breath is the bridge between the body and the mind; an […]

A Mud House Construction

“Hello Satya A big thanks and hugs for forwarding such emails.. And trust me, after reaching Prakriya campus all the five whom I invited or who were in my group were asking how did I come to know about this workshop? Why because it was like bliss to all of them who somehow felt for […]

Yogasana is distinct from physical exercise

Yogasana is distinct from physical exercise. In physical exercise, faster the movements better the benefit. In asana, slower the movements better the benefit. Asanas are always performed with slow movement of body parts; and the main benefit of asanas comes in maintaining the posture for a considerable period of time. Invariably after every asana is […]

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