Month: May 2013

Are You Balancing The Two Forces Well?

Namaste Yogis, In Yoga, we unite two energy forces in the body, the pranic energy and the mental energy. This flows in you in form of your breath through your nostrils, right and left nostrils – know is pingala and ida. Now its important to know what are the major obstacles that would create imbalance […]


The benefits of a regular yoga asana practice include boosting self-healing, such as balancing of emotions. Balancing the emotions. According to yoga, the chief cause of disease lies in difficult or negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, desire, hatred and jealousy. This disturbs the body’s natural balance and can lead to unhealthy choices such as […]

Enjoy Surya Namaskar Everyday

Surya Namaskar –        Cyclic Practice of 1 Yogic Positions –        Good Method of Loosening up all Joints and Muscles in short period of time –        Does not need any equipment –        Requires very Little Space –        Each of the 12 positions has specific benefits while cyclic practice gives uncountable other benefits –        Removes Nervous Tension […]

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