Month: December 2015


Hari OM The Holy Gita Jayanti, or the birthday of the Bhagavad Gita, is celebrated by all the admires and lovers of this most sacred scripture on the eleventh day (also known as Vaikuntha Ekadashi) of the bright half of the month of Margaseersha. It was on this day that Sanjaya narrated to King Dhritarashtra […]

Hematha Ritu

Ritucharya and Dinacharya by Dr.Sandhya Kumar on 12.12.2015 at Druti Yoga Centre at 8am – 9.30 am Duration: Mid December to early February Environment: Dusty, smoky & misty Bala: Moon and wind  – high. Sun is low Health issues: Due to the low bala of the sun, apetite, skin, eyes etc will be affected. Drying […]

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