Month: December 2011

Seven Dead Serious Sutras To Living

You know a Sunday is well-spent when some brilliant speakers are generous enough to impart knowledge that you can actually incorporate into your life. My morning was spent attending a seminar where Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh, a senior teacher of BKS Iyengar yoga, and Dr Dilip Nadkarni, renowned orthopaedic surgeon, came together to share tidbits of wisdom […]

Why Yoga?

Yoga is learning to come back to you. It’s finding your limits, expanding your boundaries, and being able to truly relax into who you are. Continued practice of yoga brings medium to long term rewards for the body mind. Most practitioners start practice either in restless or hyperactive state of mind, or in a lazy […]

Vitamin B12: Our Slim Agent

Eat fresh food every morning, have yogurt daily, drink adequate water and work on getting good, restful sleep. Gorge on junk food and work it off on the treadmill the next day? Party till the wee hours and wake up tired, groggy and sluggish? Drink alcohol and need coffee to beat the hangover? If you […]

Hemanth Rutu

You must have noticed sudden increase in your body’s energy. Your body must be telling you it feels good to be active. You must have experienced feeling more hungry, well only if you are connected with your tummy:-)) These are the signs of good immune system especially during Hemanth Rutu, winter which is going on; […]

Mumbai Street Food

Spare a thought to the over looked benefits of street food – Look what Rujuta Diwekar has to say about it….amazing nutrients! Banana: Potassium, fibre and phytonutrients to help body thermo regulate or to keep body cool in warm climate High stress jobs increase sugar cravings makes you prone to obesity. Potassium keeps the blood […]

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