Month: January 2015

Sun gleamed resplendently on his Birthday, Jan 26, 2015

The angles roaming high in the sky and damsels dancing above the clouds, paused for a moment and wondered in awe, and showered a million blessings and a trillion boons on all the Dhrti yogis who have done something unusual and extraordinary as a token of thanks and gratitude to the nucleus of the solar […]


For this is the time to exert. This is the time when not only the yogis, even the common man, birds, animals, flora and fauna wait to seek grace. The Uttarayana, magha month is the most auspicious time and am sure you are ready too, to exert, to shine……. As the Karthik month is known […]

84000 cycles, 84000 Asanas, 84 basic asanas…….

Hari OM, Among thousands of yogasanas, there are 84 basic asanas. Definitely there is certain significance to the numbers 84, Right? For the during the seventh week of Surya Namaskara Yagna, as the practitioners reached the 84th round, they started to feel the chakras being activated and upsurge of prana shakti flowing through the nadis. […]

Nature does not work in Haste………

Sant Kabir has aptly quoted, Dheere Dheere Re Mana, Dheere Sub Kucch Hoye Mali Seenche So Ghara, Ritu Aaye Phal Hoye Slowly slowly O mind, everything in own pace happens Gardener may water with a hundred pots, fruit arrives only in its season This stands true for these practitioners and many more like you, who […]

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