Month: December 2019

Surya Namaskara Sadhana – Rathasaptami

Hari OM & A Very Happy New Year 2020 With January 1st as beginning of New Year, we  began with our Surya Namaskara Sadhana for the 11th year of Rathasaptami, the birthday of Surya Deva, this year coming on Saturday 1st February, 2020. Like every year we also began with learning Aditya Hrydayam on daily […]

Detox practices at Adyashakti Yogadarshana

What is the role of the shatkarmas in the overall scheme of yoga? Swami Niranjanananda: In the proper application of yoga, everyone must go through the practices of hatha yoga, including the cleansing techniques, to rid the body of the toxicity accumulated at both the gross and subtle levels. At Dhrti we help students to […]

Gita Jayanti

Read Gita Be Happy Practice Yoga Be Healthy…Like every year this year too Gita Jayanti was celebrated at Dhrti Yoga Center and 40 students attended with a sankalpa to read one shloka daily. The session was headed by Shri Gupta prabhuji, who explained in depths about Vedanta, Karma, Janana, Bhakti Yoga. Difference between Passive Goodness […]

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