Month: April 2015

Yogic Journey with Dhrti Yoga Center

46 years old, having spent a lot of time in the field of IT, Sitting before the computer (Laptop) for long hours, Starring at a Monitor (to take care of my Spondylitis) all day through, Bad posture causing Back pain, Sedentary lifestyle causing weight increase, hog when you get – gives a kind of feeling […]

Navaratri – The Nine days of Devi Worship

Navaratri is one of the most ancient methods of recognizing the force, the Shakti, the power and wisdom of God. The nine day sadhana of Navaratri is an age-old practice of worshipping the cosmic nature, the Cosmic Mother. At Dhrti, we celebrate these nine days of navaratri with navaratri special sadhana. This Chaitra Navaratri , the […]

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