Month: April 2012

Distractions and Obstacles in Yoga Practice

The distractions and obstacles which hinder the aspirant`s practice of Yoga are: Vyadhi-sickness which disturbs the physical equilibrium Styana-languor or lack of mental disposition for work Samsaya-doubt or indecision Pramada-indifference or insensibility Alasya-laziness Avirati-sensuality, the rousing of desire when sensory objects possess the mind Bhranti Darsana-false or invalid knowledge, or illusion Alabdha Bhumikatva-failure to attain […]

Yoga for Eyes

 Many thanks to Dhrti Practitioners for sharing informative articles as they reading. Here is one of them by our practitioner, Smitha,  session 7:30 pm,  she came across the same while reading TOI. In alternative therapy vision care assumes that the muscles of the eyes, like the rest of those all over the body, must be […]

The TV diet

Rujuta Diwekar, “I don’t own a TV set but this “Bade ache lagte hain” phenomenon intrigued me. I watched it on my laptop and the episode showed the lead actor, Ram, eating just an apple for lunch since he is on a “diet”. In fact his attempt to lose weight and subsequent (crash?) diet was […]

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