Month: January 2012

Happy RathaSapthami….!

Namaste, Though I couldn’t make up to the event today, but I started practicing “Surya Namaskara” for the past 10 days quite diligently performing around 40-80 rounds every day. Today I began the practice at 7:30 AM and was able to complete 108 rounds in less than an hour (~ 45 Minutes). Thanks to Dhrti […]

Dhrti Yogis – In Action

At the crack of dawn, 32 participants of Dhrti were set to welcome Surya today on this auspicious day of Ratha Saptami.  Began with their sankalpa to do Surya Namaskara – yes as per their will power – 16 enthusiastic participants completed 108 rounds. The event began at 6 am with 3 OMs and shanti […]

Go, Embrace The Winter Wind

Rujuata Diwekar Now that winter has officially set in, want to snuggle up with a steaming mug of coffee or indulge in some bench-warming? Spare a thought for those creaky knees, stiff lower back and wobbly ankles. For that’s what will become of them if you continue sitting around and comforting yourself with tea, coffee […]

Great Balancers

A child like curiosity is an asset. The 10 am sessions at Dhrti Studio is full of cheerful homemakers and love to discover new things in a pose. While few of them are working – balancing life, others are mothers with their own special conditions, but what is the most striking feature over here is […]

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