Month: December 2014

Cheers…..Go Getters!!! on completing 54 Rounds

Hari OM, And the champs could make it again on Sunday morning 21-12- 2014, sharp @ 6:30 am, seated in their place with one goal to achieve, the set target. Hope you too have been practicing Surya Namaskara wherever you are in the world. It was the fourth week and we reached Dhrti’s last year’s […]

The Sun is smiling bright……!

Hari OM, The enthusiasts are increasing in number with every week, this week we have 24 dedicated practitioners who took a sankalpa to move ahead with nothing less than 36 ROUNDS, hope you too are practicing SN wherever you are on the planet Earth or in the solar system. The remarkable thing I am glad […]

Serve, Love, and Give……….

Hari OM Tat Sat, Sri Swami Satyananda would say money can be used in three forms, donation, enjoyment, and destruction. Daan is one the best and most sacred form of using the money – Thus continuing with the message of Swamiji Serve, Love, and Give, Dhrti is very happy to share the opportunities God has […]

Second Week of Surya Namaskara Yagna, 7/12/2015….

And the champs continue with soaring spirits…..reaching 24 rounds. Now next Sunday they attempt more than 36 as time is ticking we hardly have six Sundays to practice to reach to target….108 good going………keep it up!    

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